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I know absolutely nothing about roof repairs so I was totally lost when I felt water leaking on my head as I was having lunch. Luckily, Cain Scaffolding and Roofing took my call right away and addressed the problem. Now, I call them any time I have problems with my roof.
Michelle Brown
I needed some maintenance work on my house’s roof because some parts got damaged in the last snow storm. They fixed the broken parts and went out of the way to do extra after service.
What I love about this company is that they’re so professional and so passionate. I had a really bad leak in my roof when I came home at night. I called them up to schedule a repairman to come over and take a look but they told me they’ll be there in about 2 hours! They examined my roof and got the problem fixed right away. I didn’t have to wait for the next day for repairs
Thomas Logan

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